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Your Life. Your Path. Share Your Journey.

Kevin Ambrose is a life coach and healer that wants to help you find your way.

Through Ambrose Soulutions holistic coaching, Kevin can work with you to rediscover direction in the uncertainty of life.

Holistic Solutions to Daily Struggles


Individual coaching services with influences of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy.


We have unique bodies, we need unique solutions.

The first step we take together is a free bio-individuality conversation. We’ll discuss your needs to find out if Ambrose Soulutions will work for you.


Let’s examine the relationships, lifestyle, and behavioral patterns that carried you to where you are. With understanding of the paths we took, we can discuss ways to move forward for the better.


We will formulate achievable, time-based goals and personal took-kits to support you through your process of self discovery and reinvention. Your coach will be with your every step of the way with routine accountability check-ins, milestone celebrations, and to offer help troubleshooting obstacles.

included services

Practical Guidance

In your time together, Kevin will provide you with crafted practices specific to your lifestyle and designed with the changes your want to see in mind.
Discover the magic and imbue your routines!



Work together to form a path to living the way you envision. Kevin will advise nourishing activies, behavior adjustments, and offer wisened persepectives to help you get where you want to be.


Spiritual Exercises

Open up your spiritual energy with powerful, ancient motions and rituals. Kevin certified Reiki healing practices and Neo-Traditional Tantra and will walk you through methods of spiritual strengthening.


Best Practices

Craft a foundation of life skills to stay on course with your goals. With training, you’ll have the perfect tools at your disposal for taking on challenges and to keep on track with your plans.


Expanded Learning

Ambrose Soulutions has you covered with abundant resources. Exciting meal recipes, exercise notes, books of wisdom, and relevant teachings are just a few of the tools you’ll have exclusive access to.

Local to Arvada, CO?

In-person coaching sessions with Reiki healing are available!
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